Empros Logistics is a 100 % Indian company that has been Established by professionals with over 35 years of combined experience in International Freight Forwarding and Global Logistics.

The close relationship that EMPROS has made with its customers has allowed us to understand The market needs, by offering always real and appropriate information to help the customer take decisions and making stronger the association with us.

Derived from the Greek work ‘EMPROS’ which means ‘GOING FORWARD’, we aim to move forward and provide the most reliable and competent services for all your logistics requirements.

EMPROS LOGISTICS is a world-class provider of reliable, secure and efficient logistics services.We deliver integrated logistics solutions that turn logistics challenges into competitive advantages.

We have built a remarkable reputation for being a leading international service provider in the region.

We cater to the need for importers and exporters who seek flexibility, efficiency, competitive pricing and timeliness to meet their delivery schedules and personal involvement to the highest levels.

Since inception, professionalism and performance paired with humanity and warmth have been the values that give our team the drive to move EMPROS forward.  Your business is our business that guarantees that our service and quality is of highest prerogative. We live logistics round the clock, 365 days a year.

By Vikram Mehra (Director)
By Akshay Chhabra (Director)
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