There is a continuing shift in the balance of power from manufacturers to retailers and food & beverage brands are under pressure from both sides of the value chain.  On-going consolidation among grocer and other distribution channels is concentrating market share into fewer retail chains, increasing bargaining power to demand price, service and technology terms from their food &beverage suppliers.  Gain leverage from supply chain strain as Empros’s freight experts step in to handle any temperature sensitive, regulatory controlled, dried, fresh, or frozen cargoes.

Food sales are constantly exceeding previous records and have been growing steadily through these years of international economic crisis. All the statistics show that the demand for fresh or gourmet products is strong and will continue to expand. For this reason Empors has been developing special services for this industry and is now in position to offer a broad  variety of unique services that range from the shipment of dry and canned food to fresh and frozen FCL and LCL orders, to the handling of fresh fruits coming from various origins.

  • Shipping of FCL and LCL of dry foods of any kind
  • Shipping of FCL and LCL of fresh foods of any kind
  • Air shipments of dry and fresh products with the use of proper packing and insulating material upon request.
  • Air shipping of food samples dry, Fresh and frozen
  • Custom clearance export and import
  • Short time storage of dry and fresh food in our temp. controlled w/house
  • Supply of TEMP loggers and boxing/insulating material.
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