Since the debut of e-commerce, relentless competition has forever shifted the retail landscape and
consumer expectations. For furniture retailers, this means raising the bar on merchandise velocity,
expansion planning, modifying distribution and fulfillment, all while retaining and developing a consumer base.
With so many pieces and parties involved, even a simple shipment can turn into a
daunting challenge.

As a leading provider of supply chain logistics to the furniture industry, Empros is uniquely
positioned to service the regulatory compliance and handling needs of your high-end products. For
example, Empros knows that furniture ships best with other furniture and builds exclusive
consolidations, utilizing interlocking stability, and limits use of automated equipment, such as
forklifts, to mitigate product damage. Empros maintains a dominant footprint in servicing large,
international furniture shippers, and their continued support stands as a testament of our dedication
to your industry.

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