When you’re looking for a logistics provider, you have two main options. Choose a company that has locations and facilities (almost) all around the globe, or choose one that builds a relationship with specialists in every country, as we have done. The way we look at it, why invest in a complex network of offices, or a worldwide fleet of air-ride vehicles, or dedicated clean rooms-when you can access those facilities via individual specialists at a moment’s notice.

When setting up Empros Logistics, we made the decision to build a network of partners in just about any territory you can think of, So we’re not tied to using our own in-country teams as those larger multi-national firms are we’re able to choose the right specialist for the job, with multiple options to meet any challenge that comes our way.

Our partners are all hand-picked freight and logistics specialists, who are members of key industry networking organizations. They are fully vetted and audited by each one, to stringent industry standards, and we have spent time getting to know them personally – visiting their offices worldwide to ensure they meet our own exacting standards as well!

We also travel regularly to conferences and events run by these networking organizations – tacking time to meet with as many industry colleagues as possible and to expand our own partner base through face to face engagement. For us, it’s all about building relationships with trusted and accredited partners-and then implementing that network effectively through a combination of knowledge, experience, and sometimes a dash of sheer audacity.  

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